Surf 2.0
We're excited to present our new
visual language
There are times when experience and passion come together to explore something new. We worked a lot to define higher level of quality in everything we do, from our apps to website and identity. So we came up with the new visual language.

At Surf we really appreciate the art of calligraphy, so we decided to entrust one of the best calligraphers to create our new logo — Sergey Shapiro.

To make an accent on ideas of natural beauty we've produced handcrafted 60 inch beech logo.

Wood & Calligraphy
Press play to see the video about how we made our wooden logotype
Inside the studio we've created a visual concept, in terms of which our new site is being created.

The Team section deserves individual attention. For it we entrusted to very gifted photographer and a good friend of ours Anya Kolesnikova the creation of these fabulous pictures.

Vladimir Makeev

Designer & Art Director
Max Sobkowski

Sergey Shapiro

Anya Kolesnikova
Max Sobkowski

ArtCrafts Studio

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Other presentations
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